Wylinn Boey, PhD, MBA


Dr Wylinn Boey - Venture Partner

Wylinn Boey, venture partner at Aravis, has over 18 years' international experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Before joining Aravis in 2010, she held senior pharma positions including Corporate Vice President at Novo Nordisk, where she was global strategic marketing head of the haemostasis franchise, and Vice President of Global Marketing at Actelion.

She has built global teams and managed projects across multiple therapy areas. She brings to Aravis an extensive operational experience across the breadth of pharmaceutical development value chain including R&D, new products & strategic planning, business development, pharmaceutical commercialisation and operations management.

Wylinn holds a PhD from the University of Sydney (1993) and an MBA from Macquarie Graduate School of Management (2001). Her PhD thesis was focused on biophysical studies of the structure function of muscle proteins and models of contractility.